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The Invitation to Pugwash (Cyrus Eaton's Letter to Bertrand Russell)
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July 13, 1955
Air Mail

My Lord:

Your brilliant statement on nuclear warfare has made a dramatic world-wide impact.

As a trustee of The University of Chicago, I take great pride in your one-time association with that institution, and I have long felt a special interest in your many brilliant achievements. I have read all of your fascinating books again and again.

Could I help toward the realization of your proposal by anonymously financing a meeting of the scientists in your group at Pugwash, Nova Scotia? I have dedicated a comfortably equipped residence there by the sea to scholarly groups.

Julian Huxley is coming from England to join a small company of American and Canadian scholars at Pugwash during the first part of August. If the location appeals to you, it is at your disposal any time from August 20th on. I should, of course, want to be host to you, and your fellow-scientists not only during your stay at Pugwash, but on your journey to Pugwash and return.

If you feel that some other place might be more convenient, I should still be happy to be of assistance. I suggest Pugwash because I believe you could more readily focus the attention of the world, on the problems you wish to stress by meeting in such a relatively remote and quiet community than by choosing one of the great metropolises where the gathering would be but one of a number of events competing for public notice.

With all good wishes,