Specialised meeting on CBN Hazards organised by the Jordanian Pugwash Group in cooperation with ACIS
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A specialized meeting on chemical, biological and nuclear hazards was ecently held in Amman with the participation of 28 Iraqi scholars. The orkshop was organized by the Jordanian Pugwash Group in cooperation with ACIS.
The meeting discussed the deteriorating environmental situation in Iraq and its inter-relationship with the prevailing security climate. In view of the catastrophic environmental conditions and its direct impact on human beings, it was jointly agreed to establish the "Commission for Monitoring Chemical and Biological Hazards in Iraq".
Tentatively, Amman shall be the focal point responsible for following, coordinating and managing the activities of this commission.
This is a good opportunity in which the Pugwash community can positively intervene and possibly help to restore the declining situation in Iraq.
To discuss your involvement, kindly contact the Jordanian Pugwash Group.
Ayman Khalil
Jordanian Pugwash Group