Emerging Nuclear Proliferation Challenges
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About the Book

This Volume contains the proceedings of a conference on "Emerging Nuclear proliferation Challenges" which was jointly organized by Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses - Pugwash India on 28-29 March 2005 in New Delhi. The conference was inaugurated by Shri K Natwar Singh the External Affairs Minister of India and was followed by five sessions that dwelt on different aspects of the emerging nuclear non-proliferation challenges prevailing in the global systemic. These deliberations acquire special salience in the context of the forthcoming 7th Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which will be held in May 2005 in New York.

The conference had generated a meaningful debate among the security analysts and wide ranging views were expressed on the NPT regime, new nuclear challenges and their relevance to India. This book is a Track II attempt to share the opinions expressed by a cross-section of Indian scholars and analysts on this issue.